Open Plan or Broken Plan: What’s the Difference?

Open plan has developed into a popular style of living over the years. It is a more socially orientated approach to living that “breaks down the dividing walls” in a home, creating shared spaces between various rooms or zones. 

Open plan continues to evolve. And more recently, a popular variation has emerged. Broken plan is becoming increasingly more common. Let’s take a look at some of the differences between the two approaches.

Open plan vs broken plan

Open plan can be used to capitalise on the available space in your home. This is particularly handy for smaller properties, where space is at a premium. It can also take advantage of natural light and create a “flow” between spaces that is welcoming and inviting. 

Broken plan, while similar, is not entirely the same. The aim of broken plan design is to incorporate a sense of privacy into the layout while maintaining open spaces strategically. This is accomplished with various types of room dividers – like shelving, partial walls, fireplaces, furniture and various other things. 

Why broken plan? 

There are a few reasons you might choose to go with a broken plan design. For one, sound travels. You might want to create a buffer between the zones in the house to curb the noise. And one of the ways to do this is by using glass partitions. This still maintains an open plan feel while buffering the noise. You could also use partial walls to create divisions in the space without affecting the social atmosphere, or cleverly place shelves or furniture to accentuate the design.

Is open plan a thing of the past?

The answer is no, at least not entirely. But open plan should never be undertaken without proper thought and the help of professionals, in order to maximise your space. When it’s done wrong, an open plan space can feel cold and empty. When it’s done right, it’s warm, sociable and inviting. It’s never quite as simple as just knocking down walls and opening the space up. Dividing your zones should be a process that takes a lot of thought and planning. 

It’s important to look at the bigger picture. If an area is too open and stark, furniture placement becomes a problem. Temperature can also be affected when there is nothing to insulate the area. You can even end up feeling lost in the room. Using quality contractors and designers is the key to getting the best out of your open plan design. And remember, some rules were meant to be broken. Open plan and broken plan can complement each other when done right. 

Trust the professionals

At 1st Choice Builders, we have 20 years of experience creating open plan and broken plan spaces that are practical, welcoming and functional. Our team of professionals has built and renovated countless homes for happy customers, and we take immense pride in our work. At 1st Choice, we don’t believe in short cuts. We advise our clients on the best route to what they want and put it into practice. Why not bring your dream home to life today?