Building Your Dream Home May be Closer Than You Think

Whether you’re building from the ground up or renovating an existing home, building your dream house is an exciting way of saying, “I have arrived”. Your home is an expression of your personality and a safe space that will become your personal haven for relaxing, family time and memory making. Here are a few steps to consider as you begin the journey. 

Plan ahead

The ultimate goal is to come out of the building or renovation process with the home you imagined. But there are a few smaller benchmarks that need to be achieved along the way. Setting short-term goals and mapping them out from start to projected finish date creates a workable structure (in more ways than one), that makes the end goal more achievable. Set a date for foundations. Plan to the day (where possible) when you want your plumbing and wiring completed etc.

Be realistic and thrifty

Very few of us have a limitless budget. Before you can even think about beginning, establishing a realistic budget is the first step. Begin with what you can afford in the here and now. From there, you’ll be able to decide whether to up your mortgage or cut corners. Perhaps you could go with slightly more affordable bathroom fittings or look for a cheaper contractor. Maybe you don’t need the expensive gas stove and hob. It’s often the little details that can shape a budget. 

Have contingency plans

It’s extremely rare that everything goes according to plan on any building site. You may encounter shortages of a specific material or various other unexpected issues that can slow the process down. Expect the unexpected and have different suppliers lined up to help you cope with these surprises. Even in a dream home, sometimes, little compromises are a necessary evil. 

Do your research

Maybe you wanted that conservatory on a particular side of the house. But what if the space doesn’t get any sunlight? It’s imperative that you have a full picture of the property before building commences. Look at it from all angles. What materials are best to achieve your goals? Are the contractors you have chosen to use reputable? It takes very little time to look up reviews online. And based on what you are looking to achieve, are there any specific building techniques that might complement the build? 

In an age where access to knowledge is a given, don’t allow yourself to come up short because you were not as informed about the details as possible. Imagining the home you always wanted needs to translate into the practical application of building it. 

Find quality contractors

The quality of the building is only as good as the people who build it. At 1st Choice Builders, we have 20 years of experience building dream homes and renovating for a multitude of happy clients. Our work comes with a quality guarantee and you can rest assured that our main aim is to bring your dream home to life. Are you ready to get started?