From the Top Down – Maximise Living Space with an Attic Conversion

If you feel like you need more space in your home – be it an extra bedroom, a legendary mancave, an office space or a playroom for the kids – an attic conversion is a great way to add an extra dimension, space and value. 

Attics can, of course, feel a bit cramped. And it can be a challenge designing around beams and other utilitarian objects. So, making the right design choices is key to getting the best out of them. Here are a few tips to help make that conversion work for you. 

What’s in the way? 

Depending on the style or era your home was designed in, there could be one of many configurations in your attic. The first thing you should look at is, what obstacles there are to the build. Beams, a chimney, a water tank – these can all get in the way of your build and you need to factor them into the design. In some cases, they can even accentuate the design – for example, if you’re going for an industrial look.  

What’s in store?

Attic space is generally quite limited and horizontal storage is often the answer to working around that. If the attic is being converted into a bedroom, a bed with storage space underneath it can help optimise the space and minimise clutter. If the roof is sloped, build cupboards and storage space around it that match the angle, or simply get low-standing units that fit given the height limitations. Smart storage solutions should be designed around the space before you begin your build. That way, you can rest assured you’ll be free of clutter from the start. 

Use what you have

Surfaces – like unplastered brick walls or rustic wooden floors – are commonplace in attic spaces. So, rather than hide them, why not use them? Leaving a brick wall as is can add a touch of design flair to the area if you dress the room with the right accessories and furniture. Wooden floors can be painted or treated to achieve a semi-industrial or city loft effect. Existing windows can be used to maximise natural light, which, of course, can be limited in an attic space. Time and budget can be saved by making the best of existing surfaces and layout. 

Imagine your home the way you like it

All it takes to get the best out of your attic conversion is a bit of imagination and planning. Begin by asking yourself exactly what you would like to get out of the space and work with your planners to bring it to life. 

At 1st Choice Builders, imagination is where all of our projects begin. We ask all of our clients to start by imagining their space just the way they like it, and we take it from there. For the last two decades, we have been bringing imagination to life though attic conversions, new builds, kitchen renovations and design. Get in touch to see your imagination come to life.