Open Plan Living – Open up and Add Value

When it’s done right, open plan design can make a small space look bigger, make a large space brighter and optimise your workflow from kitchen to dining room. But every design is different. And optimising your open plan space needs careful consideration to get the best out of it. Here are a few things to bear in mind.  

Form follows function

Even though the space is open, imagine that each sub-divided section is actually a room unto itself. While the idea is to achieve “flow” from one area to another, each zone – i.e. kitchen, dining room, living room etc. – still needs to function independently. Consider where one space ends and the next begins. First, think about functionality, then build the “interaction” between dining room and kitchen/living room etc. around that.  

Divide and conquer

When dividing the spaces up, you can be clever about storage by using dual purpose room dividers. For example, triple-up the island in the kitchen as a casual dining area with a few stools, storage underneath and a preparation surface. Or, add shelving into the counter that divides the kitchen and dining area. When space is limited, it’s important to think in multiple dimensions. A counter or surface can be more than just that. It can also cut down on clutter – particularly in a smaller area. 

Light it up

Open plan design can be great for making the best of the natural light in the space. But the other side of that coin is, when lighter colours are used, it can feel a bit stark and empty. Accenting certain areas with slightly darker or more vibrant colours can offset this, making the space feel warmer and more exciting. 

Part of the furniture

Furniture can serve more than one purpose, too. And the advantage of an open space plan is that, in many cases, you can use larger pieces of furniture to accentuate your design. In many cases, bigger pieces of furniture can help make the space feel less bare. Strategically placed furniture can act as secondary room dividers – like a couch that divides dining area from living room, for example. 

Make a choice that counts

An open plan area is a blank canvas that you can truly make your own through smart design choices. It minimises clutter and adds value to your home. Open plan is generally a more sociable, family-friendly choice that creates a warmer, more inviting atmosphere and can bring out the personality in your space, no matter what your design choices may be. 

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